A land of many races. A land of many beliefs. A land under the constant threat of the storms of the sea.

Its nations have been evolving for centuries, yet there are curious lapses in history. Where did its people come from? Why do its skies fill with storms at the smallest provocation? What drives its Gods in their enigmatic schemes?

Are there other lands out there, beyond the oceans?

These questions have long remained unanswered as the nations grow. Concerned with finding their own niche on Viscian, unconcerned with the mysteries of the greater world, the various races interact, sometimes peacefully, often violently. The Age of Discovery, many say, is past; there is nothing beyond the mountains, across the seas, nothing but endless lightning-wracked seas and the monsters that live within. Millen’s Jaunt was a fool’s errand, especially when so much lays unused, unmapped, here at home.

For now, the land can support all its people. For now, there is no need to venture beyond.