The seas all along the south and east of Viscian. They are perhaps the most inhospitable territory known to the continent’s inhabitants, oceans of such powerful and unpredictable storms that no being known has crossed them successfully; very few have even tried. Ships are dashed to bits by hurricane winds or hundred-foot waves within days of crossing into Ravager territory, which often spills over past the edges of the continent and into the Mourning Sea.

Only the protection of the Bulwark allows life as it is known to survive on Viscian, its tall, hardy mountains standing as a nearly implacable shield that dissipates the full fury of the Ravergers before they can pound the land flat. The Bulwark luckily extends across most of Viscian; however, the Blasted Lands on the southwestern tip are bereft of mountainous cover and provide a sobering example of how easily the Ravagers sweep uncontested even across land.

Legends persist of explorers, even civilizations that have been able to traverse or make a life in the Ravagers, but none seem to have anything besides the wagging tongues of storytellers backing them up. The only islands known are small, rocky, devoid of even plant life, and disappear with frequency back into the deeps, broken apart by the furious oceans. Some stories speak of a source of unrest wherever the Ravagers originate from, if they do indeed originate in a single place; others say that they exist as a constant reminder of the vengeance of the gods, held only just in check by their love for their people. The dragonborn hold that the Ravagers are Tiamat’s creations, ever poised to destroy the world but held in check by the sacrifice of her son, Hidohebhi.

The genasi who make their homes in the Blasted Land, strange and isolated, seem to have adapted to life under the constant barrage of the Ravagers, but even they have never been able to explore much beyond the edge of Viscian.


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