A ruler of legend, Millen was supposedly the king of a forgotten kingdom who had built his nation up from nothing in the span of his life, placing order on the chaos that was Viscian in the early days. Accounts of his life vary, but all seem to agree on his end: in his later years, when his kingdom was at its apex, Millen comissioned a number of large ships built on the west coast of Viscian. He loaded these ships with his “treasures” and promptly set sail into the Mourning Sea, never to be heard from again.

Curiously, a version of this tale seems to appear in most cultures and has apparently been around for centuries. Even many Elves and Eladrin have been raised with a version of this story, although according to them it predates their arrival on Viscian by centuries or more. Millen’s identity and personality seems to range the whole gamut of legendary characters, from a harsh and dutiful mountain lord to a charismatic tribal chieftain to a power-hungry sorceror. Even more curiously, the different races do not necessarily identify him as one of them; Humans, for example, commonly are told he was a dwarf or an elf, while Dragonborn often believe he was a halfling or a goblin.

Opinion is similarly divided on what his “treasure” might have been; some say gold and jewels from all across the continent, others say the technological inventions his scientists had wrought, still others believe it was libraries full of arcane and mundane lore, and yet more believe that the ships were filled with his enormous harem of wives.

As yet, no proof of Millen’s physical existence has been discovered. Some ancient ruins exist on Viscian, but their architecture is alien to most and is often assumed to be the remnants of a long-gone draconic civilization.


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