The now defunct nation which used to rest between Loch Lashar and the Ceran Desert. Its capital city of Zvoltower was founded by settlers during the human emigration from Eberkstrom. The city’s influence soon expanded to encompass all the lands between Hoffguard in the south and the peninsula where Bastion would form, decades later. Owing to its near-monopoly on the Benali and Hoffstrase rivers, its trade ships carried valuable goods throughout the land, as well as troops which maintained order far and wide.

Roughly two hundred years ago, Kairost’s former council of ruling nobles was ousted by an alliance of magic users, the Cresanthis Order, who were determined to make Kairost a land run on arcane power. The country’s central, oligarchic government did not change much fundamentally, with power being divided between the twelve members of the Order; however, new laws were enacted to make magic users the nobility, all of whom had to pay obeisance to the Order.

Over the next few decades, the Order’s fist tightened, and unrest grew among the farther provinces, culminating in Soran’s Rebellion. Soran united the people of the hills in the north of Kairost, and, with the help of “rogue” dwarven troops and defected magic users, drove Kairost’s power from their land, becoming the first king of Viridia. The two nations existed in a state of cold war for the next century; Kairost, although still by far the dominant power on Viscian, could not move against Viridia fully, for fear of an assault by Eberkstrom, which had openly declared itself allied with the newer nation.

Instead, Kairost attempted to choke the new kingdom through economic warfare; centered as it was between Viridia and Eberkstrom, it denied the two any passage through its own lands. In order to trade, caravans were forced to either traverse the dangers of the desert, or else go hundreds of leagues around to the north, passing through the grasslands directly south of Aronakh and risking attack by Dragonborn war parties.

Finally, eight years ago, the Kindling Wars broke out, begun by renewed Kairosti aggression against the south of Viridia. Its previous king killed in battle at Kelem’s Crossing, his bastard son Rohlan Tethyr took the throne and, winning the aid of the elves of Shefhanyr, pushed the invaders all the way back to Zvoltower, where they were met by the army of Eberkstrom. With three nations allied against them, even the might of the Cresanthis Order’s magic could not save their city. Kairost was defeated and dissolved, with the surviving members of the Order having mostly retreated to Hoffguard.

Since the end of the Kindling Wars five years ago, trade has opened up through its previously guarded highways. The land itself is largely lawless; neither Viridia nor Eberkstrom have the forces necessary to patrol them, and the elves have no desire to leave their forests. In the absence of a stable government, bandits, warlords, and the occasionaly small-time dicator has risen to carve out swaths of land; these are usually short-lived. Some of the more monstrous races, seeing opportunity, have descended from their previous hideouts and spread through the land. The former Kairosti citizen, though free of oppression from its magocracy, is now largely left to defend himself from these new threats. A few unified movements have sprung up, aimed at rebuilding a country, but none can agree on how to run it, or what its relation with the nations that overran Kairost should be.


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