Eberkstrom is the oldest nation on Viscian, a mountainous land from which dwarves and humans hail. Before the Fey immigration, before the soaring monuments of Zvoltower, some say even during the Empire of Wyrms, Eberkstrom stood strong. Ruled from its capital of Dalphim by a congress of elected elders, it is near as populous as its daughter nation of Viridia despite far less open space.

Its section of the Bulwark, a dense concentration of hills, mountains and plateaus known as the Ozharyn mountains, is riddled with tunnels, mines and caverns, which the dwarven population live in as comfortably as the outside air. Dalphim itself extends deep underground, supported by fungi farms that work off the centuries-old irrigation system; few other places in Eberkstrom can grow the khrevamn mushrooms with any reliability, and none in such bulk.

The approach to Dalphim is well-guarded, with fortresses built cunningly into the hills and treacherous slopes that mark the easiest passage through the mountains. The tunnel systems are not interconnected; in order to travel between Eberkstrom’s cities, overland travel is almost always a necessity, and the fortresses guard all avenues that an army could conceivably traverse, making the road to Dalphim near-suicide for any would-be conqueror. One such, the Mage-King Ephantine, dashed his army to bits attempting to march into the mountains during the Clash of Lores after which the mage’s upstart nation of Ephanon was absorbed into Eberkstrom and remains a part of it to this day. Coriand, formerly its capital, has grown into the center for trade in Eberkstrom, being much more accessible than any of the mountainous cities.

Other cities exist such as Jorgamund, a small city built into the peak of Mount Grevlas which stands watch over Lake Gremnas, the source of the Hoffstrase river. Ulmo’s Hill, the largest halfing settlement on Viscian, is far north of Eberkstrom proper, in the Askajian Foothills. It is technically ruled by Eberkstrom, although it is left largely alone owing to its fiercely independent yet conscientious people.


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