A long, serpentine mountain chain that extends all along the southern and eastern edges of the continent of Viscian, from the northern vistas of Aronakh and down through the forests of Shefhanyr. It is almost certainly the one feature of Viscian that allows civilization in any capacity to exist; otherwise, the fury of the Ravagers would spill over across the continent and pound the earth into a rain-soaked wasteland, as it has in the Blasted Lands on the southern tip where the Bulwark ends.

Consisting of the tallest, most robust mountains on Viscian, the Bulwark is normally seen jutting up in front of dissipating thunderstorms in the distance. At its thinnest point near Hoffguard, it still remains leagues thick, but the storms that spill through are the most powerful outside of the Blasted Lands.

Its highest, thickest peak is Hidohebhi’s Tooth in the far north, a mountain surrounded by myth and legend and viewed as a sacred place by some dragonborn clans. The most dense clusters of mountains are found in the dwarven nation of Eberkstrom, surrounding the capital at Dalphim; the dwarves live above, below, and inside the mountains, and have since time immemorial, as did humans and halflings and other, less prominent species before their spread across the continent. The inner vastness of Eberkstrom is largely tamed and civilized by the dwarven nation, but the outermost reaches of the country, and many other regions of the Bulwark, are dangerous to any outsiders, whether from simple environmental instability, or from hostile, insular inhabitants.

The eladrin city of Qel’Anon lies almost precisely at the end of the Bulwark, but remains proof from the Ravagers despite the lack of mountainous cover through unknown, arcane means.


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